Attention! Be careful! Fake blades!
Beware of imitations of the original StM blades!
Fake low-quality blades with the stamp of the StM are currently can be sold.
Do not get abused by cheaters in fencing field!

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of products that purchased from worldwide brand StM - please contact our managers for consultation and advice.

There is a special promotional offer for all of StM customers! It is "didn't like - return" offer for uniforms and underplastrons StM "Vicroria-Light" FIE 800N in which anyone who bought our uniform or underplastron can return it to us within 1 month from the date of purchase and get back the money. We accept them in any used state (except for the cases it was damaged intentionally).
The special offer is valid until 30 September, 2016.

fencing uniform FIE 800N StarTex (manufacturing allstar, Germany) by the price uniform EcoStar!!!
Hurry up! Number of promotional uniforms melt with each passing day!

Welcome to the StM fencing world

If you need to buy something for fencing or you need a suitable advice in the fencing field, you just came to the right place.

We are glad with all heart to welcome you on our website and we hope that you could find here a lot of interesting and useful information in the field of fencing equipment and inventory. We also hope that you and your friends, and perhaps your children, relatives and simply familiar will fill up the army of many thousands admirers of our brand goods, and using our fencing equipment will bring you a sheer pleasure. We will do our best to give you such a pleasure.

We are the StM Group, area of interests and the whole activity of which is related to fencing. Without exaggeration we can say that fencing is our life.

A few words about us.

StM is a world famous fencing brand;

StM is a registered Trademark and Ukrainian Group of Companies incorporated by one general name.

StM is:
- manufacturer of high-quality fencing clothing and equipment,
- supplier of full assortment of fencing production in all countries of the world,
- world’s unique manufacturer of hi-tech wireless electronic devices and equipment, certificated by the international Fencing Federation (FIE) for all types of weapon,
- official partner of the international Fencing Federation (FIE),
- sponsor and supplier of the Ukrainian national fencing team and national Fencing Federation of Ukraine,
- official supplier of equipment and services for stages of World Cup, Grand Prix tournaments, Continental and World Championships,
- official partner and supplier of equipment and services for the Group Omega (OMEGA), Switzerland - the official partner of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the exclusive supplier of equipment and services of technical support for all sports at the Olympic and Paralympic Games,
- official sponsor of carrying out World Championships and Europe Championships.

StM has its own intellectual projects and complete production cycles, most crucial among:

- fencing blades of all types and sizes,
- fabrics, uniforms and protectors for fencing,
- fencing accessories and test equipment,
- equipment and electronic devices for wireless fencing.


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