Production and salling of blades - this is definitely our "strong point". This is something StM originates with, and this is our first big business project. This is our pride and the most extensive and significant area of ​​our business and our activity in the fencing market.

We are especially proud to note that many thousands of athletes - from begginers to world and Olypmic champions train and fence with StM blades at competitions all around the world.

StM blades are made on our own classical technology "hand made" - manual smithery with the subsequent thermal and machanical treatment, using our own special patented intellectual development.

Opinion of many fencers and independent experts – StM blades are the best in the world!

We produce all assortment of blades for classical sports fencing, all types and the sizes:

- training and electric (including wired pointed complete blades)
- usual and certificated by the International Fencing Federation FIE.
- made of usual spring and of high-quality alloyed steel (including maraging)
- without covering and with various color coverings
- with lenth of working part 750 up to 900 mm.
and also training and electric model of Italian style blades

All StM blades have ideal symmetry, weight and meet all requirements of the rules of the International Fencing Federation FIE

The overwhelming majority of "ordinary" StM blades are made of spring steel 60S2A (similar to the European 46Si7 by European standard EN10089). One type of StM sabre blade is also made of stainless spring steel 452 MA (similar to the European 46SiCrMo6 European standard EN10089).

Blades made with steel 452 MA are additionally marked "X".

In blades production, besides standard methods of machining - grinding and polishing, StM uses gravelling and sandblasting. These blades are marked with an additional symbol "ts".

StM has official permission of the International Fencing Federation to manufacture and sell epee and foil blades with the mark of FIE. The first such authorization has been received by us after the test (homologation) in France in 1999, after which StM blades are constantly passing periodic homologation in accredited certification centers of FIE. Each of these tests confirm the highest quality of StM blades.

Blades marked by FIE are allowed in all official tournaments, including the World Championships and Olympic Games.

You can familiarize with results of blades testings (homologation)of all firms-manufacturers here.

Foil and epee blades marked by FIE are made from high-quality spring steel -637 (N18K9M5T type "Maraging") used by, among others, as a material for critical springs in aircraft and aerospace engineering.

We are the first-ever who started to put color coverings on blades of micron thickness. These coverings improve the corrosion resistance and prolong the "life" of the blades, making them look very aesthetic and attractive.

StM owns the registered intellectual patent for drawing of such coverings for any metalware, including fencing blades.

To prevent corrosion all ready StM blades are handled with special preservative grease (transparent and, if necessary, easily washed off), so you can send our products to many thousands of kilometers to buyers and consumers at any time of the year in the most remote corners of the globe.

In the nearly 30 years of experience in sales of blades and over 17 years of experience in its own production, we always "trim the sails to the wind" of the world conjuncture and demand for fencing "iron", so we carefully plan the entire range of products to meet the requirements of even the most "capricious" customers. Today StM has a many thousands warehouse with a full range of finished blades of all types and sizes. We do not serve our customers "just out of the oven" - this is our rule, because all the products get a long careful technical control and inspection. We pay special attention to this aspect.

Another distinctive feature of the trademark StM is the speed and efficiency of service to our customers. As a rule, we deliver the product within a week after the receipt of the order in any, even the most remote place in the world.

All the worlds leading companies and brands are the buyers of our blades. Still, the best estimate of our work is gratitude of fencers - national, continental, World and Olympic Games champions.

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