StM has been created in 1990.

Since origins of foundation of the company, a hard way and a huge volume of work has been done on formation and development - from a small firm to a group of companies and a world famous brand StM, whose trade mark and whose production are well-known to sportsmen and experts of fencing on all continents.

Today under the trade mark StM a dozen of industrial, commercial and export-import companies are collected and successfully work. The total number of employees in them - about 140 people, most of them - highly qualified and experienced specialists and professionals.

Now StM is a recognized mark of quality and a world leader in manufacture of a wide range of production for fencing, including all types of blades and a unique wireless system of hit fixing. Thousand fencers worldwide could estimate high quality and advantages of StM production.

The founders and leaders of the Group StM are ex-fencers of a high level, they know and understand fencing perfectly, they know all the nuaces of production quality and comfortable fencing clothing and equipment up to the smallest details.

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