Epee blades

StM epee blades have they own unique, no one else like shape and best balanced weight and stiffness - that allows fencer to "feel" the tip and easily control the weapon. These features of StM blades are very important, especially for fencers who are professionals of the highest level.

The majority of commercial StM blades are made with a long handle (170 mm.) - it is done for the capability to apply "French" handles; it is also curved along its entire length with thread (6 mm.) - for the convenience of customers, in order they can just cut it to the length they need and put a pistol grip of any type and size.

StM epee blades are treated in two different mechanical ways – grinding or shot-blasting (sandblasting) in a special compartment.

Epee electric blade "bare" is a blade with curved grooves at the end and on its base (on the "heel"), and curved at the end with the thread which length is about 3.8 mm. and diameter of 4.0 mm., ready to be equiped (wired) with a point, wiring and cambrics.

Epee electric wired blade is a blade equipped with a tip, wiring and cambrics which is completely ready to be assembled in a weapon (electric epee) and to be used in a bout.

Standard dimensions of length of electric epee blades
(without the length of handle):

¹ 0 = 750 mm.
¹ 1 = 775 mm.
¹ 2 = 800 mm.
¹ 3 = 825 mm.
¹ 4 = 850 mm.
¹ 5 = 878 mm.

Epee non-electric blade is a blade without grooves for wires at the end and on its base (the "heel"), and with a "flat" tip - an oval with diameter of 4 mm. x 6 mm. and a height of about 1.5 mm. When using such a blade in training, for reason of safety, a special little tip made of soft plastic or rubber is installed (put) on it.

Standard sizes for non-electric epee blades
(without point and handle):

¹ 0 = 775 mm.
¹ 1 = 800 mm.
¹ 2 = 825 mm.
¹ 3 = 850 mm.
¹ 4 = 875 mm.
¹ 5 = 900 mm.

Attention! Be careful! Fake blades!
Beware of imitations of the original StM blades!
Fake low-quality blades with the stamp of the StM are currently can be sold.
Do not get abused by cheaters in fencing field!

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of products that purchased from worldwide brand StM - please contact our managers for consultation and advice.





EBM epee electric blade FIE (maraging)
EBM-c epee electric blade FIE (maraging), colored
EBN epee electric blade FIE-N
EBN-c epee electric blade FIE-N, colored
EB epee electric blade
EB-c epee electric blade, colored

equipped with a tip, wiring and cabrics

EWM epee electric blade FIE (maraging)
EWM-c epee electric blade FIE (maraging), colored
EWN epee electric blade FIE-N
EWN-c epee electric blade FIE-N, colored
EW epee electric blade
EW-c epee electric blade, colored


with a "flat" tip point

EBP epee non-electric blade
EBP-c epee non-electric blade, colored

... en ...