Sabre blades

StM sabre Y-shape blades have the best balanced weight and stiffness - that allows fencer to "feel" the blade and to easily control the weapon. These features of the StM blades are very important, especially for fencers who are professionals of the highest level.

Since 2000, the International Fencing Federation FIE introduced new parameters of flexibility for all sabre blades - blade deflection should be within 40-70 mm. (during standard tests according the FIE rules – using 80g plummet). These blades are marked with the stamp "S2000" and only they are allowed to be used on all official FIE competitions, including the World Championships and Olympic Games.

All StM sabre blades are bent at the end, and their point is a circle which outer diameter is about 6mm.

For the production of StM sabre blades two types (grades) of spring steel are used: 60S2A (similar to the European steel 46Si7 by European standard EN10089) and 452 MA (similar to the European 46SiCrMo6 by European standard EN10089). StM sabre blades are treated in two different ways – grinding followed by polishing or shot-blasting (sandblasting) in a special compartment.

Standard dimensions of sabre blades
(without length of handle):

0 = 750 mm.
1 = 775 mm.
2 = 800 mm.
3 = 825 mm.
4 = 850 mm.
5 = 880 mm.

Attention! Be careful! Fake blades!
Beware of imitations of the original StM blades!
Fake low-quality blades with the stamp of the StM are currently can be sold.
Do not get abused by cheaters in fencing field!

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of products that purchased from worldwide brand StM - please contact our managers for consultation and advice.


Y-shape FIE «S2000»

SB sabre blade
SB x sabre blade «45»
SB-c sabre blade, colored
SB x-c sabre blade «45», colored

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