StM Wireless

The wireless fencing touch-registering System “StM WIRELESS” is unique gear and the production of the StM science laboratory does not have any analogues in the world.

One of the advantages of the System is that for the first time the touch is registered on the fencer himself! When the fencer makes a touch, his mask “lights up”!!! Now the audiences on the tribunes and in front of TV screens better understand and have a greater interest in the bout.

The main principle of the System is the electrical transmission of signals and registering touches. Due to this it is clear that the System is foolproof and safe from outer interventions.

- The System is completely autonomous; it does not need any attachment to a particular place, electric networks, a metal strip, or a central touch detector,
- The System does not need any changes in fencer gear and any revision of the bout rules,
- The System is universal and, if needed, easy to connect to any central devices,
- The System is easy-to-work and its user does not need almost any beforehand training,
- The System consists of the personal-use equipment – fencer’s personal gear (the mask, weapon, suit, etc.) and a radio set – for a possible connection to the central touch detector and transmission of information to it.

Since 2001, the overwhelming majority of the FIE Sabre Grand-Prix and all Fencing World Championships are held with the StM wireless System.

The Olympic Sabre Tournament in 2004 in Athens was held completely with the StM wireless System.

All tests of the wireless gear WIRELESS 2000 for fencing on foils have been finished. The gear is ready to use and to compete.

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