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Attention! Be careful! Fake blades!
Beware of imitations of the original StM blades!
Fake low-quality blades with the stamp of the StM are currently can be sold.
Do not get abused by cheaters in fencing field!

If you have any doubts about the authenticity of products that purchased from worldwide brand StM - please contact our managers for consultation and advice.

Because of frequent questions, StM Trademark officially informs everyone who is interested in our products, particularly in our blades:

1. We have never planned and are still not planning to place blades production (neither FIE ones, nor regular ones) in China.
2. All the original (not imitation) blades with StM logo are produced ONLY in our plant in Lougansk, which still works and still produces the full range of all type and sizes blades, regardless the difficult politic and war situation in the region.
3. With all your questions, including the questions of licenses and the use of StM mark, please contact us to email: order@stm-fencing.com. We will be glad to answer any your question.

StM thanks everyone who uses our products and also supports us.

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