The StM Company has been created in 1990. We have been working for you for already 25 years!

Since its very first steps, the Company showed a steady development and a strong growth, from a very small firm to a group of companies and a world brand “StM”, whose logo and fencing equipment are well known in the world – on all the continents and the most distant lands of the globe.

Today, the term "StM" is a trademark and a few dozen of well-functioning industrial, commercial, export- import orientated companies and enterprises, also fencing and fitness clubs. The total number of StM employees today is more than 200 people.

Nowadays StM is a top-ranked quality label and a global leader in production of a wide range fencing outfit and equipment. StM possesses modern facilities and complete production cycle of fencing blades, textiles and clothing for fencing, electronic components for the wireless fencing system (which, by the way, for more than 15 years, is the only one in the world and still unique, electronic wireless system for all kinds of weapons, certificated by the FIE).

Thousands of fencers all over the world appreciated the high quality and benefits of products labeled "StM", and prefer it to all other manufacturers.

The founders and administration of the Group of Companies StM are ex-fencers of a high level, they know and understand fencing perfectly, and they know all the nuances of production quality and comfortable fencing clothing and equipment up to the smallest details.

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