The wireless fencing touch-registering system “StM WIRELESS” is a unique scientific research and the separate line of activity of the Group StM. It does not have any analogues in the world.

In addition to the unique mode of operation and the software, for the first time in the world our unique innovation is practically embodied in the life - a touch made by athlete indicates (lights on) on his own mask - it "lights up" with an appropriate color, making a fencing duel very entertaining and understandable for any spectator in grandstands and in front of TV.

The system is based on the principle of the electric signal of fencers touches (strikes).

The main advantages of StM wireless system:

- the system is completely autonomous; it does not need any attachment to a particular place or gymnasium, connections to electric networks, a metal strip, another electric registration system; the possibility to conduct training sessions and competitions in the open air - for example, in the field, in the woods or on the beach,
- the use of an athletes own standard fencing equipment without modification,
- adaptability - the system does not require the revision of existing rules of touches applying, the combat and competition conducting, if necessary, the system can be easily reprogrammed and customized to any innovations or changes in the rules,
- universalism - the system can be easily connected to a computer, any electric registration system or placard made by manufacturers,
- the system is easy to use - the user does not need any additional training,
- mobility - the system can be easily carried or moved from place to place and is immediately ready for operation at the new location,
- the system is safe for users and immune to any outside interferences.

An indisputable advantage and prospect is that while fencing with StM wireless system, all the athletes restrictions of freedom of movement and the geometry of the battlefield dissapear (today - just back and forward along the path with a width of 1.5 m). We can seriously talk about a complete "freedom" of movement for fencers during combat. Our practical experience in this question say that IT IS VERY INTERESTING - both for fencers and spectators, watching these fights. Moreover, StM wireless system makes possible combats "team vs team".

In general, it is oblious that with StM wireless system fencing has a good potential to become a truly spectacular "commercial" sport which is interesting to a wide audience of viewers and for major sponsors.

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