History of the company

StM was founded at 1988. In the autumn 2018 we celebrate our 30th anniversary!

Since the early establishment, a difficult path was taken and a huge amount of development work was done: from a small company to a group of companies and worldwide brand StM, whose logo and equipment are well known by fencing athletes and specialists all over the continents and corners of the globe.

In the late 80’s having finished our fencing career and starting to sell fencing equipment, we could not think about becoming the best or even creating our own production. All of that came later. But then, at that distant and hard times we just tried to work, work a lot and as honestly and openly as possible. That hard and finicky work of many years started to pay off by the second half of the 90’s and allowed us to see and “sketch” the prospects for the development of our company and our commercial activities. It was actually in the second half of the 90’s that we created from scratch production of fencing blades and electronic devices and founded the project “Wireless touches registering system for fencing”, which we called then “Wireless 2000”. And then… Then we proved and convinced the whole fencing world that our products and our service are not just as good, but better than European or American ones. It was a time of countless business trips, negotiations, meetings, sleepless nights, and… again business trips, meetings, negotiations. Someone did not take StM seriously, someone ignored us, someone intentionally “put a stroke in our wheel” and tried to harm us, but many people also helped, advised and encouraged us. There were many things – both bad and good. We went through all of this, we grew stronger and stronger, and we became what we became. And most importantly, we proved to the whole world that StM is quality, that StM is reliable, that StM is professionalism, that StM is strength!..

Today under StM brand and trademark several dozens of production, commercial, export-import companies have been assembled and are successfully operating. And we also pocess fencing and fitness clubs, the total number of StM employees is almost 200 people, most of them are highly qualified and experienced professionals.
Currently, StM is a recognized quality sign and a world leader in the manufacture of a wide range of fencing gear and equipment. StM has modern facilities and complete closed production cycles of fencing blades, fabrics and clothing for fencing, electronic components for wireless fencing system (which for 20 years is unique and one in its kind electronic wireless system for all types of weapons, certified by the FIE).

Thousands and thousands of fencers around the world appreciated the high quality and advantages of products labeled “StM” – and prefer it to all other manufacturers.

The founders and general management of StM brand and trademark  are ex-professional fencers of a high level, perfectly understanding fencing, versed in it and knowing to the smallest detail all the nuances of the production of high-quality and comfortable fencing equipment.