The brain of the System is a wireless sensor.
The fixing of the applied touch (hit) by the System is made by the sensor in two parallel independent ways: the electrical signal goes to the LED boards in the athlete’s mask and they light up in the appropriate color (red, green or white), and the radio signal goes to the radio receiver, which also fixes this touch (hit) in the same corresponding color, and then (if necessary) on the central apparatus (scoreboard, repeater lamps, etc.).
Each sensor has a built-in battery (5V), which allows it to work (when initially fully charged) in an intensive training mode for about 10-11 hours. That is, without recharging the battery, the athlete can spend five to six full-fledged trainings.
During the bout, the sensor is mounted on the fencer’s belt.
Separate wires are connected to each sensor through the built-in connectors:
– a radio transmitter (universal for all three types of weapons) or an “init” (used only for a saber),
– electrically conductive T-shirt (for foil and saber) or cuff (for epee).


   It is a regular T-shirt with a special elastic conductive fabric sewn to it from the inside. Put it on before the bout directly on the body of the athlete for foil and sabre.
   Designed to provide contact of the sensor with the athlete’s body. For the System to function correctly, it is necessary that during the course of the bout the maximum possible tight contact between the conductive fabric of the T-shirt and the athlete’s body would be ensured.
The T-shirt (its conductive part) is connected to the sensor with a crocodile wire, which is included in the sensor kit (foil or sabre).
Conductive t-shirts for wireless fencing are available in two types: for saber – electrically conductive fabric is sewn only to the waist part of the T-shirt, for the foil – electrically conductive fabric is sewn to the waist part, to the collar and to the sleeves of the T-shirt, while all the parts are also interconnected by strips of electrically conductive fabric.
   Electrically conductive fabric used for the production of T-shirts has the highest degree of medical safety for human health and the corresponding international certificates.