RADIO SET (bluetooth)

The universal (for all three types of weapons) radio set for wireless fencing includes:

– two transmitters – “red” and “green”,

– Receiver – universal for all three types of weapons.


Designed for:

– turn on the sensor,

– receiving electrical signals from the sensor,

– transmission of radio signals to the receiver,

– display the main diagnostic information about the sensor operation.

Equipped with a carbine attachment to the athlete’s fencing jacket. The package also includes a protective locking case.

Immediately before the bout the transmitter is connected to the free connector of the sensor with its other end, and is fastened with a carbine from behind to the ring of the athlete’s jacket.

Having connected a radio transmitter, as well as a T-shirt (or cuff) to his sensor, the athlete is fully ready to fencing on the StM wireless system.

Radio receiver

Designed for:

– receiving radio signals from the transmitter,

– visual display of the touches (hits),

– full display of information and diagnostic information about the system and equipment of the athlete,

– transmission of electrical signals about touches (hits) to the central apparatus, scoreboard or repeater lamps – if necessary.

Available in two types:

– small one (for training),

– competitive with advanced features and a large matrix information display.

In addition to the above competitive receiver also has:

– function of manual programming of electrical and time parameters,

– extended menu with the ability to check and test the parameters of any conventional “wired” electric scoring machine.

StM Wireless service.

StM provides its customers with high-quality and professional services.

We organize and provide (or rent) all the necessary equipment and equipment to the organizing committees of fencing tournaments held on a wireless system.

We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all types of products.

We organize fast delivery of goods to consumers in Ukraine and around the world.