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Dear Customers!

In order not to be deceived by fraudsters - please use ONLY CORPORATE e-mail addresses of StM for official correspondence with StM:
and/or manager's phone number
+38 050 5757596 -
to communicate with StM in messengers (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber).
Please be vigilant, as there are more cases of fraudsters selling counterfeit products under the guise of original StM products.

Even in times of war - we are constantly replenish our warehouses with a fresh range of goods.

All of our productions facilities are up and running. Our management works 24/7.


We develop and manufacture fabrics for fencing - standards FIE 800 N and 350 N. We have developed and launched into production a number of unique fabrics - thin, elastic, but at the same time super strong, allowing top-level fencers to feel comfortable in them, and receive fencing is a real pleasure.
- We organize fast delivery of goods to consumers in Ukraine and around the world. - We organize and provide all the necessary equipment, apparatus, tracks and service for fencing tournaments, shows and sports events. - We rent equipment, apparatus and tracks for holding fencing tournaments and shows. -We produce gluing of all types of blades and assembly of all types and types of fencing weapons. -We service and repair fencing apparatus and electrical equipment of all manufacturers. - We manufacture products according to individual orders, drawings and specifications. - We put the stamp of the dealer or seller on the products we supply. - We provide warranty and post-warranty service for all types of products.
Welcome to the StM fencing world!
We are sincerely glad to welcome you here - our guest, and we very much hope that you can find on our website a lot of interesting and useful information in the field of fencing equipment and outfit. We also very much hope that you, your friends, children, parents, relatives and acquaintances will join the many thousands of worldwide army of fans and admirers of StM, and our fencing equipment will bring you true pleasure and pleasure. We, in turn, will make every effort to give you such pleasure and to raise your spirits.
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