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StM is a trade mark and a global brand that has been successfully working in the world of fencing for more than 30 years. When ordering goods over 5000 UAH. delivery is carried out by courier free of charge


StM is a trade mark and a global brand that has been successfully working in the world of fencing for more than 30 years.

The catalog of products we offer covers the most complete range of fencing equipment and equipment - both our own production and other leading world fencing brands - our suppliers and partners.

StM is its own intellectual developments and complete closed production cycles of a wide range of fencing goods:
- blades of all types and sizes,
- suits, electric jackets and protective equipment,
- covers and bags,
- aluminum segment tracks,
- accessories and test equipment,
- wireless equipment and electronic systems.

StM supplies fencing equipment and service services for the largest international corporations and firms: OMEGA, TISSOT, SwissTiming, as well as for the International Fencing Federation (FIE) - during the stages of the World Cup, Grand Prix series tournaments, Continental Championships and Games, World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Every year StM sponsors dozens of fencing competitions and tournaments.

If you need to buy something for fencing, find out some useful information about fencing or get expert advice, you have turned to the professionals - to the right website, at the right address.


StM company was founded in 1988. In the fall of 2018, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our brand StM!

Since the beginning of the foundation, a difficult path has been passed and a huge amount of work has been done to establish and develop - from a small company to a group of companies and the global brand StM, whose logo and products are well known to athletes and fencing experts on all continents - in the most remote corners the globe.
Having finished our fencing sports career and started selling fencing equipment in the late 80s, we did not think about becoming the best or, for example, creating our own production facilities.

This came later. And then - in that distant and difficult time - we just tried to work, work a lot, as honestly and openly as possible. Hard and painstaking long-term work already by the second half of the 90s began to bear fruit and allowed us to see and "sketch" the prospects for the development of our company and our commercial activities. In the mid-90s, we created "from scratch" divisions for the production of fencing blades and electrical equipment, and organized the project "Wireless system for fixing thrust / blows for fencing." And then ... Then we proved and convinced the whole fencing world that our products, our service and services are not just no worse, but better than the same European ones. That was the time of countless business trips, negotiations, meetings, sleepless nights, and ... again business trips, meetings, negotiations. Someone did not take StM seriously, someone ignored it, someone deliberately "put a spoke in our wheels" and did outright nasty things, but many helped, and advised, and encouraged. There was a lot of everything - both bad and good. We went through all this - we became tempered, strengthened - and became what we have become. And most importantly, we have proved to the whole world that StM is quality, StM is reliable, StM is professionalism, StM is power!

Today, under the StM brand and trademark, several dozen manufacturing, commercial, export-import companies, as well as fencing and fitness clubs, have gathered and successfully work as a single organism, with a total number of employees of about 200 people.

At present, StM is a recognized quality mark and a world leader in the production of a wide range of fencing equipment and equipment. Tens of thousands of fencers around the world have appreciated the high quality and advantages of StM brand products - and prefer it to all other manufacturers.


In the past, high-level professional fencers - we perfectly understand fencing, understand it and know to the smallest detail almost all the nuances of the production of high-quality and comfortable fencing equipment.


Осенью 2020 года мы отметим 25-летний юбилей создания нашего предприятия по производству клинков. Результат четверть вековой напряженной творческой работы — два миллиона единиц выпущенной продукции и многотысячная армия фанатов и поклонников клинков СтМ.

Мы обладаем полным замкнутым циклом производства фехтовального оружия с применением собственных уникальных разработок и технологий.


StM's own weaving and sewing production of a full closed cycle produces unique fabrics, and makes sewing of them into fencing suits and tops of standards FIE 800 N and FIE 350 N.

We buy only thread and accessories - we do the rest ourselves.


In 1994, we began the development and production of electro-fixing fencing equipment, and in 1996, StM began work on wireless technologies for fencing.

Today StM develops and manufactures the newest and most diverse versions of its StM WIRELESS wireless system for all three types of weapons - both for fencing clubs and for serving the most prestigious competitions and tournaments, including the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Photos of the work process

Photos of the work process

Photos of the work process

Video of the work process
Video of the work process
Video of the work process
Video of the work process
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